Bones REDS Bearings

These Bones REDS are the best low cost bearings!

Bones REDS Bearings
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Bones Reds are the best quality bearings available at this low price point.  Bones are just better than everything else in our opinion. High quality steel races, better quality and grade of balls, and a superior surface finish result in a bearing that is as fast as even the highest quality standard bearing but quieter, smoother, and long lasting. This are designed the same as the Bones Swiss but made cheap in China. You will notice the speed in these Bones bearings on your first lap!

  • High quality steel races and balls, and a superior polished surface.
  • SIngle non-contact removable rubber shield for no friction and easy cleaning
  • Lubricated with race-spec speed cream lubricant
  • Super Light low friction nylon ball retainer
  • Available in 7mm and 8mm
  • Quad wheels require 2 bearings per wheel making a total 16 needed for a pair of skates
  • This product is priced for a set of sixteen

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